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About Us

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We started good guy, local guy while coming back from a road trip. wE WERE TRYING TO DESCRIBE SOMEONE THAT A FRIEND OF OURS DIDN'T KNOW. the phrase "Good Guy, Local Guy" came to our heads. It's a phrase that describes a man who is truly a "neighborhood guy". he's the guy that picks up your kid at hockey practice even when you didn't ask. he's the guy that shovels his neighbor's front porch and doesn't ask for anything in return. hE's the guy who would give you the shirt off his back and the change in his pocket in a blink of an eye. he's the guy who would do anything for his friends and family.  He is someone that will never forget where he came from. If he sees a need, he is the first one to ask, "how can I help". He is the definition of "Unsung Hero", he is a "good guy, local guy"!

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